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Welcome to My World of Interior Design

April 15, 2024
Val Turco-Deganello

Hello! I'm Valerie, and I've spent my life making environments into reflections of the people that live in them. My path into the field of interior decoration has been one of passion, creativity, and lifelong learning. Today, I'd like to share some of that trip with you.

The Path to Certification

My path to becoming a professional interior decorator was motivated by a strong belief in

the power of well-informed design decisions. The certification process was difficult, enriching, and extremely gratifying, as it not only sharpened my talents but also ingrained in me a deep respect for our industry's ethical and professional standards. It demonstrates my dedication to providing my clients with the best quality of service.

Interior designers and decorators have a unique role.

Interior designers and decorators have a distinct role in the home remodeling and design

sector. We are more than just designers of beautiful settings; we are interpreters of our customers' personalities, stories, and dreams into the physical world. Our job extends beyond aesthetics; we examine the functionality, comfort, and emotional impact of each aspect in a place to ensure that each project feels like home.

dining table set placed beside glass window

Embracing Modern Home Decor

Staying current on modern home décor trends is critical in our ever-changing business. However, my approach is to incorporate these trends into designs that appear ageless.

It's about striking a balance—using modern elements to lend freshness and vibrancy to a place while avoiding making the design appear transitory or ephemeral. This concept guarantees that the environments I design will be relevant and appreciated for many years to come.

Blending Styles: A Coherent Design Approach

One of my most memorable projects required combining mid-century modern components with rustic, farmhouse aesthetics—a difficult but rewarding effort. To achieve

To ensure continuity in such a broad palette, a thorough understanding of balance, proportion, and harmony was necessary. The aim was to establish common ground in the unexpected, whether through color, texture, or form, resulting in a dynamic yet cohesive space.

living room with white sofa and black flat screen tv

Advice to Prospective Clients

For those considering hiring an interior decorator for the first time, my suggestion is to find someone who shares your unique style and vision. Look for someone who actively listens, speaks clearly, and demonstrates a genuine desire to make your dream place a reality. Remember that the best designs come from a sense of teamwork and trust.

In this world of licensed interior decorators and designers, I am just one voice, but I am here to listen, understand, and assist you in creating a home that reflects who you are and what you enjoy. If my approach appeals to you, I would be happy to be a part of your design journey.

white round table with chairs

In conclusion, I ask you to consider the possibilities that expert interior design may bring

to your home. Whether you prefer the clean lines of modern decor or the warmth of traditional aesthetics, my purpose as a professional interior designer is to help you navigate the transforming journey of design. Let's make something lovely together.

For further information or to discuss your next project, please contact me directly. Your ideal living environment is waiting for you.