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Lessons Learned from Running an Interior Design Business

April 1, 2024
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Running an interior design business is a journey full of creativity, client relationships, and ongoing learning. At VDT Interior Decorating, we've experienced a variety of experiences that have impacted our approach and philosophy. Every assignment, every client meeting, and every brush stroke teaches us something new and improves our practice.

Here, we share some of the vital ideas we've gathered throughout our journey into the world of interior design, intending to inspire both aspiring designers and those considering a renovation or remodel project.

The core of design is understanding people

A thorough grasp of the client is essential for any successful design job. Interior designers do more than just create beautiful places; they also interpret people's goals, aspirations, and lives. It is critical that we get to know our clients on a personal level, including their daily routines, families, hobbies, and future aspirations. This insight guarantees that the rooms we build are not only visually appealing, but also highly useful and indicative of the people who live in them.

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Communication is key

Clear and consistent communication is the foundation of any interior design endeavor. As an interior design firm, maintaining open lines of communication with customers, contractors, and suppliers is critical. Misunderstandings can cause delays, extra expenditures, and, most critically, a finished product that does not match the client's expectations. At VDT Interiors, we prioritize regular updates and check-ins to ensure that everyone involved understands the project's concept and progress.

The Devil is in the details

Attention to detail may make or destroy a design. It's the small details—the texture of a cloth, the finish of a wood, the location of a light fixture—that bring a room to life. These subtleties are typically overlooked on a conscious level, yet they have a big impact on how a room feels. As designers, we've learned not to underestimate the importance of the small details, as they contribute considerably to the overall harmony and sense of the planned


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Flexible and adaptable

Unexpected problems are an unavoidable aspect of the design process, no matter how well a project is planned. Whether it's a backordered material, an unexpected structural difficulty, or a shift in the client's vision, the ability to adapt and discover creative solutions is essential. Embracing flexibility enables us to overcome these obstacles without jeopardizing the design's integrity or quality.

Collaboration enhances creativity

Interior design is a collective effort. Working closely with architects, interior designers, artisans, and craftspeople provides a wide range of perspectives and expertise. This collaboration improves the design process by allowing for unique solutions and ideas that a lone designer may not have considered. At VDT Interior Decorating, we believe in the power of collaboration, where the sum of all contributions yields a result larger than its parts.

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Sustainability is not a trend; it is a responsibility

In today's environment, designing with sustainability in mind is not an option; It is a requirement. As designers, we have the ability to make decisions that influence not only the aesthetics and usefulness of a space, but also its environmental impact. Every decision matters, from choosing environmentally friendly materials and products to constructing energy-efficient and long-lasting spaces. VDT Interior Decorating's design philosophy incorporates sustainability, expressing our dedication to the world and future generations.

The Business of Design is Still a Business

Creativity is the heartbeat of an interior design business, but it's also crucial to remember that it's really a business. Managing budgets, timetables, contracts, and customer expectations necessitates a high level of organization and commercial acumen, in addition to creativity. Balancing the artistic and administrative aspects of the firm supports its durability and success.

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Continuous learning and growth

The field of interior design is continually changing, with new trends, materials, and technology is developing. Staying informed and open to new ideas is essential for keeping our designs current and relevant. At VDT Interior Decorating, we are dedicated to lifelong learning, whether through professional development courses, industry conferences, or simply being curious about the world around us.

Running an interior design firm is both tough and rewarding. Each project represents a fresh adventure and a new set of lessons to be learned. At VDT Interior Decorating, we appreciate every opportunity to grow, create, and make our clients' dreams come true. If you are considering altering your space, please contact us. With the knowledge we've gained and the enthusiasm that drives us, let's create something wonderful together.